JOSEPH LAMM at The Forgiving Sea Project at Omak Color Walk

2 MAY. 2024

Joseph Lamm will be in attendance at the annual Omak Color Walk in Omak, Washington, this 18 May. 

Currently living on the Colville Tribal Reservation with his wife Candace, Lamm is excited to further the outreach of The Forgiving Sea Project, a charity of which he was a founding member with artist Carolyn Springer.

“After speaking with coordinator Carolbelle Branch with Okanogan Behavioral Healthcare, I was eager to share the opportunity with Carolyn. She and I have a passion to see The Forgiving Sea reach as many communities as we are given”, said Lamm. “Every new possibility still gives her and me a sense of wonder and awe. Everywhere we go, people are all the same: they need and yearn for love and understanding. We aren't the driver. We're just along for the ride.”

New this year for the Color Walk are stickers from renowned Washington state artist Keith Powell. His popular “Prayer For The Salmon” piece is now available through Keith's kindness and support of the The Forgiving Sea Project. Also new is the The Forgiving Sea: Variations on compact disc. Carolyn Springer has also added another layer detail to The Forgiving Sea VI which features a salmon from the Pacific Northwest, as this fish is traditionally so important and has been esteemed through the centuries for the native tribes.

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