Incantations for the revolution

release date march 2024

cover art "Aeon Region 7" by Joseph Lamm
84 pages

Incantations for the Revolution has its foundation as a mystical exploration of a life's journey told through an array of different expressions, with influences as far reaching as William Blake, Michael McClure, William Somerset Maugham, the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism and the Christian Bible. 84 pages with 14 full color plates.

bull headed saviour

release date december 2008

cover art  “The Panic” by Erin Huber
109 pages

"That Bull Headed Saviour exists," writes Joseph Lamm, "is a testament to grace. When all is taken away, when we reach the 'pouring out' of our self, it is our redemption."

 Bull Headed Saviour entwines the beauty of nature, the emotion and desires of the heart, and the spirit of the soul toward a common celebration found within everyone.

This collection contains many of the poems and lyrics that were written during this period, along with selected lyrics from the albums Watching The Coming Storm, Standing In The Tower, and his 2009 album Hot As Sun, Vol.1.