PROGRESS ON NEW SOUNDTRACK for fall exhibition

11 JUNE 2021

Celebrated American painter Carolyn Springer and recording artist/writer Joseph Lamm have announced they are collaborating on a thrilling new multimedia exhibit, "The Forgiving Sea", which will manifest itself in forms of vision, sound, and touch, beginning with a premiere at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis, Indiana, running the month of October 2021. 

Currently in the studio, Lamm and Springer have assembled an array of artists that are contributing to the album, tentatively titled Music From The Forgiving Sea. Using her distinctive voice, Springer has co-written a number of tracks with Lamm that all use the themes found in the multiple layers of the paintings as a foundation for the expressive and melodic work.

"This music is unlike anything I've done", comments Lamm. "Carolyn is a major painter within her field, and her work The Forgiving Sea is nothing short of extraordinary...especially considering the times we live in."

In addition to Carolyn Springer and Joseph Lamm + Music Hypnotica, other artists include Louis Imperiale of Fifth Lucky Dragon, Music Hypnotica guitar virtuoso Elliott Lamm and producers the Bombay Brothers.

The painting shown is "The Forgiving Sea I - Final Layer" by Carolyn Springer, and it will be one of the many works that will be featured during the exhibit.