Today's Zen Baptist Karma: You can be the President; I'd rather be the Pope...”

— Prince

Joseph Lamm began writing at the age of 17, when his schoolmates encouraged him to become involved in the writing of a theatrical show being produced during his senior year. As his contribution grew, Lamm realized he had found an avenue for his creative expression. He took this idea a step further once arriving at University (to study philosophy) and co-founded a troupe of players that would go on to stage several well-received shows.

Lamm started contributing pieces to local and eventually nationally syndicated radio and found work as a commercial actor, but his wildly eclectic musical and literary influences led him into the themes now pervasive throughout his recordings and writings. The mystical imagery of William Blake and the beat generation sensibilities of Michael McClure find themselves merged with the emotion of impressionist painter Claude Monet, while the universal appeal of composers Lennon and McCartney dances with the surrealism of Yes lyricist Jon Anderson.

His first two albums, Watching the Coming Storm and Standing in the Tower, were both critically well-received, with songs like "Still Waiting", "Awaken In My Heart" and "See No Evil" reaching the Top Ten on radio playlists across the US, Australia and New Zealand. The music video for "Awaken In My Heart" spent 6 months on the CCM charts, eventually peaking at No. 3.

Lamm completed the book Bull Headed Saviour in December 2008. In July 2009 the 3-song EP Canyonlands With A Beauty preceded his third studio album, the award-winning Hot As Sun, Vol.1, which followed in August.

A remastered and expanded Anniversary Edition version of Watching the Coming Storm was released in July 2015 and, spurred on by streams of the song "Still Waiting", reached No. 1 on the Amazon US Avant Garde album chart in early September of that year.

Working as the trio Joseph Lamm + Music Hypnotica, the 2016 electronica/trance/rock influenced Andean's Ascent album received global acclaim, highlighted by a 4-star review in Progression Magazine in which it was described as "remarkable". Andean's Ascent is a 'songtrack' of music inspired by the themes and numerous poems found throughout the companion book Andean's Ascent or Incantations For the Revolution, which is scheduled for publication in late summer 2020.
In September of 2017 Lamm released the trippy art pop single "Good Doctor Tom" featuring Lani Williams, a song that is taken from the first round of sessions for his new album. The Anniversary Edition series continued in 2018 with a remastered and expanded version of his acclaimed Standing in the Tower, which includes the previously unheard track "Approaching The Next Plane" placed into its originally intended sequence on the album.
"Magic" is the first single off the Joseph Lamm + Music Hypnotica album, titled Anonymous, with the song being released on 26 June followed by the album on 17 July, 2020.


MUSIC albums

Watching the Coming Storm
Standing in the Tower
Hot As Sun, Vol. 1
Watching the Coming Storm (Anniversary Edition)
Andean's Ascent music hypnotica
Standing in the Tower (Anniversary Edition)
Canyonlands With A Beauty
MUSIC singles

I'm Not Alone / High Plains Drifter
Awaken In My Heart
Three Kings / Self Portraits
Canyonlands With A Beauty / You (I Want) / Only My Love Remains
From The Sea
A Different Way Of Seeing
Good Doctor Tom


Bull Headed Saviour
Andean's Ascent or, Incantations For The Revolution  (summer 2020)


A Greenhouse For God


Thank You and Goodnight
co-writer, stage & film director, performer
Adventures in Shangri-la
co-writer, stage & film director, performer
The Soap Show
co-writer, stage & film director
Jesus Christ Superstar