5 APRIL, 2021

Joseph Lamm announced today his new book, titled Incantations for the Revolution, will be released via Jefferson House Communique on 5 May, 2021. 

"This work has been a labour of love", comments Lamm from his home studio. "It has gone through many stages and now is almost unrecognizable from my first ideas, which are now decades old. It fits the themes found in its pages well, as they discuss a changing of the heart. My own journey has shown me so many new and wonderful ways to see life."

Incantations for the Revolution is a mystical narrative that shows influences of beat poetry and stream-of-consciousness laced with human connection, ecology and world religion.

Lamm has also announced an Incantations for the Revolution reading tour for Spring 2021, with virtual events in Minneapolis, MN, Cambridge, MA, and London, UK, and two live dates in Indianapolis, IN.

Incantations for the Revolution will be available as a digital download and in paperback.