1 October 2014

Hello to our new fellow travellers in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Belgium, India, Czech Republic, Israel, and Japan!

Intended as a celebration for the 2015 release of the new studio album Andean's Ascent music hypnotica, and the book that is its inspiration, Andean's Ascent, the digital reissue series of Joseph Lamm recordings has resulted in a wave of new listeners and readers from around the world.
Standing in the Tower was reissued in July to dozens of online streaming sites and stores, including iTunes, where it reached No. 76 on its Recently Added Rock top 100 chart. It was followed by Hot as Sun, Volume 1, in September, which debuted atop the iTunes Recently Added Alternative top 100 at No. 1. Still to come in 2015 will be the remastered and expanded edition of his first album, Watching the Coming Storm.

The Andean's Ascent music hypnotica  and Andean's Ascent projects will be available separately and as a specially priced set, with the album coming in CD and digital download versions, and the book in paperback and e-book formats.