JOSEPH LAMM + MUSIC HYPNOTICA land 5 songs in mid-week chart 

4 AUGUST, 2020


Jefferson House Communique have announced today that Joseph Lamm + Music Hypnotica's new studio album Anonymous has landed five songs in the APD Global Radio Indicator Rock mid-week chart.

The five songs and their current positions are "As One" at No. 2, "Imagine" at No. 3, "Wild Mountain Rapture" at No. 4, "Magic" at No. 5, and "Take Her Love" at No. 6. 

"Imagine" is the second single from the album and is an inspiring blues-infused version of the John Lennon classic. It features powerhouse blues singer Queen Delphine joining in on the song to help create the feel of a joyous and declarative anthem.

The final chart will be announced Friday, 7 August.




ANONYMOUS ALBUM artwork and track listing revealed 

7 July 2020

Joseph Lamm + Music Hypnotica have announced their new studio album, titled Anonymous, will be released on 17 July. The album is marked by an energetic and joyous sound that incorporates elements ranging from rock and modern pop to classical and easy listening. After recording nearly his entire song catalog over the years at Aire Born Studios, Anonymous was almost completely captured at Jefferson House Mobile using an iPad and Garageband. Tracks would then be transferred by David Price to ProTools at Aire Born. Early sessions in summer 2017 produced the chamber pop song "Good Doctor Tom", which features singer Lani Williams, but after sessions resumed in January of 2019 Joseph Lamm experienced major strokes that, while thankfully leaving no complex brain or motor damage, required months of recovery.

While resting, he and guitarist/composer Elliott Lamm had bursts of creativity which lead to many of the songs included on the album. The first single "Magic" actually came about while reflecting on the gratitude and thankfulness of being alive, while the declaration expressed in the classic "Imagine" becomes a blues-infused anthem encouraging a call to action and envisioning a hope for the future. Dynamic blues singer Queen Delphine of Queen Delphine and the Crown Jewels joins on vocals and brings a powerhouse of style to the song.

The album also features songs written by guitarist Elliott Lamm, who commented that "'Never Need More' is about my honeymoon. A simple song about enjoying the moment while also being  hopeful and confident concerning the future." His instrumental "Smoke Filled Bar 2AM" serves Anonymous as a relaxing coda.

The artwork, "Rescue of the Fallen Angel", is by American contemporary artist Carolyn Springer. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at sites ranging from the Berkeley Art Center in California, Japan’s Citizen’s Gallery in Yokohama, and The Mexican Cultural Center in Tijuana. She has won numerous awards including a Creative Renewal Fellowship to explore Japan and a research grant to study in Italy.

Anonymous will be available as a digital download, CD and through streaming. A vinyl version is scheduled for mid September.

Anonymous track listing:

Wild Mountain Rapture
She Likes Tokyo
Out Among The Waves
As One
Imagine (featuring Queen Delphine)
Good Doctor Tom (featuring Lani Williams)
Never Need More
Take Her Love
Smoke Filled Bar 2AM


to learn more about Carolyn Springer:

to learn more about Queen Delphine:

to learn more about Lani Williams:


NEW SINGLE "MAGIC" announced for Joseph Lamm + Music Hypnotica 

12 JUNE 2020

Joseph Lamm + Music Hypnotica have announced their new single, "Magic", will be released 26 June via Jefferson House Communique. It is taken from the new studio album, Anonymous, which will follow on 17 July.

The song was inspired by the major strokes Lamm suffered during the recording sessions in the summer of 2019. "I was absolutely gobsmacked", comments Lamm. "Elliott and I had planned a morning outside to enjoy the day, but instead he arrived in a flash and got me to hospital. He helped save my life."

Afterwards, during recovery, Lamm experienced a rush of creativity, all expressing thankfulness for the joy of being alive. "One of the things I realized was, well, that the thoughts I believed true at age 21 were different than 41, and the thoughts I have now are different again. So then it kind of hit me, that it's okay. It's alright. I don't have to understand it, that life is magic."

Written by Joseph Lamm and Elliott Lamm and produced by the Bombay Brothers, the joyously upbeat song will be available on all major streaming platforms and as a digital download. The artwork and track listing for Anonymous will be announced soon.

JOSEPH LAMM ON DIG with Michael McClure and Ray Manzerek  

19 MAY 2020

Upon hearing of the passing of Beat poet and playwight Michael McClure, American artist Joseph Lamm began reconsidering their long-ago plans for the DIG project which was to merge their shared passion for William Blake with McClure's work, especially his book RAIN MIRROR, in which Lamm had become enthralled.

"After we had decided on the themes of the work, he went to India and I started the production of the Audible Thought album. Soon after his return I fell into a period of emotional wandering while he fell into an extended illness, and our project fell into slumber, awaiting its proper time to be a manifested work."

McClure had invited his friend and long-time collaborator Ray Manzarek (former keyboardist for the Doors) to take part in the sessions, but personal circumstances surrounding both McClure and Lamm caused the project to be put on hold. Lamm comments that "apparently the themes of the work needed more time to realize themselves. I believe all things happen in their proper time. Like John Lennon said, 'if the story is not right, then it's not the end of the story.'"

JOSEPH LAMM on the passing of Michael McClure 


5 May, 2020

I am saddened to read of the passing of Beat poet, author and songwriter Michael McClure. He has a tremendous body of work that is simply beautiful. I had the privilege of working with him and his long time colleague Ray Manzarek of the Doors in 2002 on developing the as-yet unrealized DIG, a project that merges his poetry along with our shared passion for William Blake. Michael is a giant of the beat movement, and his written voice will endure. 

Blessings to his memory and to his ongoing spirit,

Learn more about Michael... 
Michael McClure Official Website

NEW STUDIO ALBUM and book are on the way! 


30 DECEMBER 2019

Acclaimed American recording artist and writer Joseph Lamm has announced that a new studio album and book are on their way in the coming year.

"2019 has been absolutely filled with creativity. Guitarist/composer Elliott Lamm and I started working on the new album in January and it's been a blast. Our musical family has grown on these recordings to include drummer George Tyler, vocalist Lani Williams of Lani and The Tramps and Fifth Lucky Dragon keyboardist/trumpeter Louis Imperiale. Jeff Stone, who played bass with the amazing band Healing Sixes, has also come in and added his talents. It has been a fantastic journey." 

The previous album ANDEAN'S ASCENT was an experiment in rock, industrial and ambient music, and was met with critical acclaim and described as "Remarkable" by Progression Magazine. "These new songs are an organic and vibrant  pop/rock style" said Lamm. "We've got some exciting music to share!"

It was also announced that long-awaited book ANDEAN'S ASCENT OR INCANTATIONS FOR THE REVOLUTION is due by the summer. "This book has been in development for nearly ten years and has become quite a passion for me" Lamm commented. "I've taken longer and rewritten it because of personal changes, which is part and parcel to the message of the book itself."

The title for the new studio album and its promotional single will be announced soon. 


ANNIVERSARY EDITION of acclaimed second album out now! 

27 OCTOBER 2018


The Anniversary Edition of American artist Joseph Lamm's acclaimed 1988 studio album STANDING IN THE TOWER was released yesterday 26 October, 2018 via Jefferson House Communique.

The set was remastered by David Price at Aire Born Studios in Indianapolis. A previously unreleased song, "Approaching The Next Plane" is included and has been placed  in its originally intended sequence for the album. "The song has a fun little groove", Lamm comments. "The musicians all sat around me as I sang them the keyboard hook and had a good laugh. It's a bit simple but it's a straight out blast to hear it." 

The Anniversary Edition series began with WATCHING THE COMING STORM in 2015, which reached No. 1 on the Avant Garde chart on Amazon in the US. STANDING IN THE TOWER (Anniversary Edition) is available in CD, digial download and streaming versions. It premiered on Jango Radio, where listeners worldwide began streaming the album in its entirety one day before its official release.


ANNIVERSARY EDITION of Standing In The Tower arrives this October 



The ANNIVERSARY EDITION of American artist Joseph Lamm's critically celebrated STANDING IN THE TOWER album is arriving on 26 October, 2018. Remastered at Aire Born Studios by David Price, the set contains the songs "Awaken In My Heart" and "See No Evil", both of which hit the top 10 on radio playlists across the US upon their initial release. Given songwriting comparisons to Charlie Peacock, T-Bone Burnett and ABBEY ROAD era John Lennon, the album made numerous "best of" lists. A bonus track that was recorded during the sessions, "Approaching The Next Plane", is also heard for the first time.           

The cover design, which includes the original photograph by Sid Rust,  has been given a different look by artist Erin Anonymous, who also supplied the artwork for Lamm's 2008 book BULL HEADED SAVIOUR. 

STANDING IN THE TOWER - ANNIVERSARY EDITION will be available in 6 panel digipak CD, digital and streaming versions on 26 October via Jefferson House Communique.


01. The Preacher

02. Stepping Into Paradise

03. Yes I Will

04. In A Watered Garden

05. Standing In The Tower

06. Three Kings

07. Self Portraits

08. Awaken In My Heart

09. Approaching The Next Plane

10. Essence

11. See No Evil






JOSEPH LAMM ALBUMS enjoy holiday NO. 1's on Amazon 

12 DECEMBER 2017

Music lovers this holiday season have brought two of Joseph Lamm's albums to the top of the digital charts on Amazon. On Monday, 11 December, the 2015 album WATCHING THE COMING STORM - ANNIVERSARY EDITION hit No. 1 on the Avant Garde chart while the 2009 release HOT AS SUN, VOLUME 1 matched it on the Adult Alternative chart. 


Songs from the albums, especially "Still Waiting" from WATCHING THE COMING STORM - ANNIVERSARY EDITION and "Love Safari" from HOT AS SUN, VOLUME 1, have become favorites on internet radio, while his recent single "Good Doctor Tom" has brought in new fans with its continued success on YouTube.

"I've started work on my next album" states Lamm, "and having things like this happen is a fantastic motivation to push forward and create the best music I can make. It's quite exciting."

The new album is due out in 2019.

NEW SINGLE "Good Doctor Tom" out this September! 

19 JULY 2017


American artist Joseph Lamm is happy to announce a new single coming early this fall. One of the fruits from the sessions for his upcoming album, the song "Good Doctor Tom" shows him expanding on the sounds of his award-winning 2009 album HOT AS SUN, VOLUME 1. 


After getting the Anniversary Edition of his debut album WATCHING THE COMING STORM completed in 2015 (which reached No. 1 on the US Amazon Avant Garde chart in September of that year) and  releasing the critically acclaimed experimental album ANDEAN'S ASCENT as a trio with Music Hypnotica in 2016, Lamm is once again creating sounds that bring him back to his love of  pop and rock music. 

"I absolutely adore the spirit of artists like, let's say, the Beatles, Lindsey Buckingham, Talking Heads, and the more recent work of Beck and Foster the People", says Lamm. "I know that seems like a broad brush, but I dig that type of variety and adventure."

Lani Williams is featured on the song, sharing lead vocals and harmonies with Lamm. After nearly a decade of performing and recording with the indie band Mars Or The Moon, the singer/songwriter formed  Lani & The Tramps earlier this year. "Lani is a fantastic talent and an absolutely incredible singer. It's been great fun to have her involved and bring her vibe to the music."

"Good Doctor Tom" will be available in digital format via Jefferson House Communique on 22 September.