PROGRESS ON NEW SOUNDTRACK for fall exhibition

11 JUNE 2021

Celebrated American painter Carolyn Springer and recording artist/writer Joseph Lamm have announced they are collaborating on a thrilling new multimedia exhibit, "The Forgiving Sea", which will manifest itself in forms of vision, sound, and touch, beginning…

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JOSEPH LAMM Poetry Reading

14 FEBRUARY 2021

Joseph Lamm is scheduled to participate in a virtual poetry event hosted by the Minneapolis Poetry Sanctuary on 14 February. The celebration of love will be the first of many readings being scheduled this coming year,…

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ELLIOTT LAMM ON BLEED and new Collectivity boxed set

15 DECEMBER, 2020

The wave of interest in the music that Joseph Lamm + Music Hypnotica have created this year continues to grow, with the explosion during the summer for the Anonymous album  now reaching over 340,000 streams and…

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COLLECTIVITY BOX SET is coming for the holidays

11 DECEMBER, 2020

Joseph Lamm announced today a gorgeously crafted limited edition series of wooden box sets, titled Collectivity, is scheduled for release on 18 December. 

The set is compiled of selections from the Joseph Lamm solo…

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6 NOVEMBER, 2020

Jefferson House Communique announced today that the studio album ANONYMOUS, released in July by Joseph Lamm + Music Hypnotica, has surpassed 250,000 streams as of the end of October. 

"We are absolutely thrilled by the…

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26 AUGUST, 2020

By Peg McRoy Glover
reprinted with kind permission from ICON magazine

The music Joseph Lamm creates is rather hard to define by genre. His creativity produces songs that fall into hard and alternative rock, modern…

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JOSEPH LAMM TO JOIN Queen Delphine at Bluesfest

25 AUGUST, 2020

Joseph Lamm and members of Music Hypnotica will join the stage with Queen Delphine and the Crown Jewels this 12 September for the premiere live performance of their song "Imagine". The John Lennon classic has been…

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