Joseph Lamm Readies Book Version Of "Andean's Ascent"

6 APRIL 2017

American writer and recording artist Joseph Lamm is putting the finishing touches on the book version of ANDEAN'S ASCENT, with a publication date due to be announced shortly.

Since its release in late June of last year, the rock/ambient/trance album version has seen continued acceptance and critical acclaim, becoming a top seller at online retailers CD Baby and CD Universe and Progression magazine awarding it a 4 star rating and calling the music "remarkable".

The book is an eclectic, dreamlike work concerning the journey and metamorphosis of human and spiritual understanding, very much in the mystical school of William Blake.

"This book has been both very difficult and very rewarding to write", says Lamm. "The original idea came to me over thirty years ago, and I wrote the first draft during a time of personal struggle after I had left university. The finished work bears little resemblance to that first draft, as I have found myself to be more 'fluid' and open to change wondrously more than my younger self ever thought possible."

Lamm's first book, BULL HEADED SAVIOUR, was published in 2008. It reached No. 1 on its publisher's list of poetry titles and remained near the top for 48 weeks.