JOSEPH LAMM ALBUMS enjoy holiday NO. 1's on Amazon

12 DECEMBER 2017

Music lovers this holiday season have brought two of Joseph Lamm's albums to the top of the digital charts on Amazon. On Monday, 11 December, the 2015 album WATCHING THE COMING STORM - ANNIVERSARY EDITION hit No. 1 on the Avant Garde chart while the 2009 release HOT AS SUN, VOLUME 1 matched it on the Adult Alternative chart. 


Songs from the albums, especially "Still Waiting" from WATCHING THE COMING STORM - ANNIVERSARY EDITION and "Love Safari" from HOT AS SUN, VOLUME 1, have become favorites on internet radio, while his recent single "Good Doctor Tom" has brought in new fans with its continued success on YouTube.

"I've started work on my next album" states Lamm, "and having things like this happen is a fantastic motivation to push forward and create the best music I can make. It's quite exciting."

The new album is due out in 2019.