Andean's Ascent

Joseph Lamm + Music Hypnotica

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release date: June 2016

"I was keen to explore some new territory for this collection, and since it is a companion to the book, I felt free to let the music develop in whatever direction David, Elliott and I wanted to take it."

Produced by Lamm and long-time engineer David Price, the elecronica/trance/rock influenced songs are more like sonic landscapes than the verse-chorus-verse structure found in pop. "It's been great fun working with David again" said Lamm. "A while back he had played me some old tracks of his that were real industrial type music, and I have always loved early progressive rock music, so we just started with that spirit in mind."

The album was primarily created by Lamm, David Price and guitarist Elliott Lamm (Joseph's son) working as a trio. "I would start each session with an idea for a riff or melody and as the piece developed David and Elliott would bring in contributions of their own."

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